The council approves spending $90,000 on a study on the effect of updating crossings to help residents get some sleep.


Tampa, Florida -- lan Day works the late shift on some nights and doesn't get to bed until the early morning. Some nights, it's tough to sleep because of trains blaring their horns just a block from his front door.

"It doesn't matter if it's in the middle of the night, three o'clock in the morning, five o'clock in the afternoon," he said. "It is excessively annoying."

Day and other Ybor City neighbors quickly grew tired of the constant noise from passing trains. Residents near the tracks asked the Tampa City Council to create a train "quiet zone" to help keep the noise levels down.

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The council unanimously voted to spend $90,545 on a study Thursday to measure the feasibility of updating crossings in downtown Tampa's train horn quiet zone compliant area. The council will apply for a grant from the federal government to pay for the crossings in October even though a study will not be completed until December.

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"It's negatively impacting the people who live here," said Day.

The study will include 65 train lines through Ybor, downtown and the Tampa Port area. It will be developed by King Engineering Associates Inc.

The Tampa City Council agrees with residents and is going to look into ways to quiet train horns at night.

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