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Tampa, Florida -- A prominent Tampa family is in mourning today.

Jay Wolf, 24, a huge Tampa Bay Rays baseball fan, was killed suddenly in a traffic accident right after Tuesday night's game against the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas, just outside of Dallas.

Wolf's parents, Boyd and Jennifer, say their 24-year-old son was living out his dream in Austin, Texas, where he was following his passion for music.

Jay Wolf loved music and the Tampa Bay Rays. He died after Tuesday's game in Texas following a tragic accident

Jay had graduated from Middle Tennessee State with a degree in music production. Before that, he had attended Plant High School.

Jay was struck by a car and killed instantly as he walked back to his hotel following the baseball game.

"It's the worst call you could ever get. Every parent's nightmare," said Jennifer.

The Wolf family graciously spoke with us about Jay, who'd posted pictures and sent them text messages from behind home plate at the game.

Jay had long been a passionate Rays fan, they say, and had driven more than two hours from Austin after working Tuesday to watch them play.

"We kept looking for him on TV, and I asked him 'are you holding up a sign that says Hi Mom, I love you.' said Jennifer.

Boyd says his son had always been a big fan of the baseball team. He remembered fondly when the two went to see the Rays play in the world series in 2008. He adds that Jay was determined to catch a Rays game this season, but wasn't planning to travel back to Florida anytime soon. So, he made the drive to Dallas.

"He went by himself. You know he had enough of a passion that he was there on his own," said Boyd.

The Wolfs are part of a prominent Tampa family.

Jennifer's father, Charles Poe, was a well-known businessman. Her uncle Bill was a former Tampa Mayor. And her mother, Haven Poe, was a former Tampa Council member and Hillsborough County Commissioner.

All three passed away earlier this year.

It's why the Wolfs were receiving condolence calls today from people like former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio.

"It's overwhelming," said Jennifer "The love and support of our family and friends. You know, it's going to be a tough road, but I know I have them."

Jay was a character, they say.

He was down to earth and old-school. He preferred vinyl records to digital. Paperback to e-books. Jay, his parents and sister Brendle shared concerts together, white-water rafting – and of course baseball.

He was a free-spirit, taken far too soon.

"You know, we both got up this morning crying, because we can't do that stuff anymore," said Boyd, "But he was just a wonderful kid. I couldn't have asked for a better son. And I'm grateful for everything we had."

Investigators do not believe Jay's death was anything but a tragic accident.

After the baseball game, Rays Manager Joe Maddon also conveyed his condolences to the family.

Jay will likely be laid to rest in Tampa on Monday. In the meantime, anyone who'd like to leave comments or share their condolences can do so as well.

People have been leaving comments on the Facebook page of a place in Austin where Jay worked and occasionally played guitar.

To reach the page, click here.

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