Tampa, Florida -- A memorial of candles and flowers sat outside a Mexican-American Tampa on Monday morning as a tribute to a woman shot outside the lounge over the weekend.

Maribel Sanchez-Garza, 49, was shot and killed about 3 a.m. Sunday outside Club 301, at U.S. Highway 301 North, south of Harney Road.

Greg Borgus owns Club 301 but is more than the owner, he and Sanchez-Garza have a family connection.

"We share the same niece and nephews. It's so personal to me," said Borgus.

He said Sanchez-Garza has been dancing with friends at his club for years.

"She was there with her sister that night. They are there every weekend. Familiar faces everyone knows."

Deputies said that earlier in the night, security had kicked out and pepper sprayed Dougie Glidden, 18, of Dover. Later, Glidden came back in a white, four-door Jeep Cherokee. Witnesses saw him smash the passenger window with his arms and fists, and had bloody cuts all over his arms. Then he fired several shots toward the club - hitting Sanchez-Garza.

Deputies arrested him at South Florida Baptist Hospital that morning. Glidden is charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bond in the Hillsborough County Jail.

Borgus had many unanswered questions, including, "Why was Glidden so angry?

"He literally shot from the highway so why would it just target her. It's weird. How did it end up it was only her?"

Family and friends plan a vigil Monday night to recall the woman shot and killed outside Club 301 early Sunday.

Borgus said more than 100 people stood outside the club with Sanchez-Garza, which is typical for a Saturday night.

10 News sifted through pages of emergency calls from Club 301 dating back to 2009 and it has eight emergency calls for either battery or assault this year.

Borgus said his club uses six surveillance cameras, has good lighting at night outside the club and also consistently trains and educates his security staff, but believes that is still not enough.

"I feel like everyone that visits my place was under attack that day for someone being angry. That senseless," Borgus said.

He added that there are plans for a vigil for Sanchez-Garza at 9 p.m. Monday in front of Club 301.

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