Lakeland, Florida -- After a day and a half of deliberations, the defendant sat stonefaced and the jury returned to the courtroom with its verdict in the murder trial of Lakeland Police Officer Arnulfo Crispin: Guilty.

"We the jury find the defendant guilty of first-degree murder," said the jury foreman.

Williams shook his head in disbelief and looked back one last time at his family who was reduced to tears.

So, too, was the family of Williams' victim, Lakeland police officer Arnulfo Crispin. They huddled quietly together and cried, vindicated.

"We are so filled with emotion right now, but we are pleased with the results," said Frankie Crispin.

The sentencing phase will begin Monday morning. Williams faces the death penalty.

Prosecutors say Williams shot Crispin, 25, in the head during a pat down back in 2011.

The victim's family compared waiting for the verdict to waiting for Crispin's condition at the hospital - emotional and difficult. They had tears of relief and sadness, unsure if they will ever find forgiveness and confident they want the death penalty for Williams.

On Dec. 18, 2011, Crispin stopped Williams and four other teenagers in the area of Crystal Grove. As Crispin frisked the teens, Williams shot him in the head. All four teenagers turned evidence and named Williams as the gunman.

A 21-year-old Lakeland man is found guilty of killing a police officer.

He radioed in his location at around 10:15 p.m. When back-up arrived about seven minutes later, officers found Crispin unresponsive with a gunshot wound.

Williams turned himself in to deputies after a 10-hour manhunt and convincing by his mother.

After he turned himself in, his step-father Reginald Mitchell told 10 News, "We're the ones that talked to Kyle. We were on the phone when he was being apprehended."

Mitchell says he does not believe his stepson is the one who pulled the trigger and thinks he's being pressured by gang members to take the blame.

Williams' attorney was not surprised it took the jury almost 16 hours to render a verdict.

"In a complicated case such at this, the jury has to examine all the evidence. It's a great responsibility," said Williams' attorney, Byron Hileman.

The penalty phase of this trial begins Monday morning. Williams is facing life in prison or death.

In a 352-page transcript of prosecutors' interviews after the Dec. 18 slaying of Officer Crispin with a then 19-year-old Williams, Williams denied -- through five hours of intense questioning -- that he had anything to do with Crispin's death.

Williams said he went to the park that night but was gone by the time the officer got there.

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