Lakeland, Florida -- Attorney John Morgan and Polk Sheriff Grady Judd are set to face off Thursday night at a forum on whether Florida should legalize medical marijuana.


Morgan and Judd are heard from the most on the issue, which goes to Florida voters Nov. 4, but at the forum there will be seven speakers who will present their own positions.

The forum was a full house, with more supporters of the amendment attending compared to those against medical marijuana.

Both of the main figures traded tweets earlier Thursday.

Morgan: "Grady Judd, lets get ready to rumble."

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Judd: "Don't bring the boxing gloves this will be a bare knuckle fight."

"Amendment 2 is a wolf in sheep's clothing - not about marijuana for the very sick, it's about de facto legalization," said Judd.

Judd added that the proposed legislation is full of problems.

A medical marijuana forum features a strong proponent, John Morgan, and an outspoken opponent, Sheriff Grady Judd.

"There will be a vote on a constitutional amendment full of loopholes large enough to float a battle ship through. Children can access medical marijuana, caregivers can be anyone 21 and older -- to include your neighborhood dope dealer," said Judd.

MORGAN: Push for legalization

But there are supporters who back Morgan in pushing for it to be legal.

"My husband he is a vet has PTSD and anxiety its the only way he can come out of the house,"' said Danielle Vines.

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"I was in from 2006 to 2010, 15 months in Afghanistan," said her husband. "The things I've seen ... Amendment Two means freedom, civil liberty to be able to judge what's good to put into my body shouldn't be up to anybody else."

SHERIFFS:Association against medical marijuana

Judd says the Florida Sheriff's Association did originally back the idea for legalizing medical marijuana use, but says Amendment II isn't the answer.

"How people vote is their business," Judd says. "When I get my marching orders in November I'll adhere to them."

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