Lakeland, Florida – There are 678 seats at the Lois Cowles Harrison School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Lakeland. For the medical marijuana forum every seat was full with attendees standing against the wall and crowding around the lobby door.

John Morgan, the Orlando attorney who spearheaded the campaign to put the medical marijuana amendment on the ballot, and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, president of the Florida Sheriff's Association and spokesperson against the amendment, both attended and spoke at the event.

Psychologist Jeffery Reddout of Winter Haven, who told the audience that he still remain undecided on the use of medical marijuana, was also there.

Attorney John Morgan says Florida should approve medical marijuana.

A major proponent and only person in the state of Florida who can legally receive shipments of the drug, Irvin Rosenfeld, spoke to the crowd.

With Judd on the opponent side was Dr. Sergio Seoane, a member of the Polk County Medical Association board of trustee was the first to give his argument against medical marijuana.

Polk Sheriff Grady Judd makes his case against the medical marijuana amendment.

While there number of proponents appear the outnumber opponents, Jessica Spender, statewide director of the Vote No on Amendment 2 campaign rounded out the seven participants.

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Judd was asked what prevent law enforcement from confiscating medical marijuana and auctioning if off to make money. He said law enforcement does not profit much from seizures and insists that more arrests will be made by those who have marijuana without a property prescription.

Seoane says the drug has not been truly studies to make a decision on whether it will help the sick and make analogy to Jack Daniels, which can also help with pain.

Questions were address that concerned keeping it out of the hand of kids and whether the drug has been studied enough to prevent pain in cancer patients. Answers fell along the lines of those who support and oppose the legalization of the drug.

Voters will decide on the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative on Nov. 4th.

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