ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. -- It was supposed to be a one day trip--maybe two, max--out here on the gulf; but it was seven days before the couple stepped foot onto land in Anclote River Boat Ramp.

"The engine stopped me after four hours. I don't care about this because I am sailing," Bogdan Makowski and his wife said. Then mother nature called it quits too.

"I put the sail and i go. Another problem: no wind. I wait 24 hours for the wind and nothing."

Looking at their photos from the trip, the water was as smooth as glass. The couple says this was the calm before the storm.

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"My engine was broken and I had no wind and now a storm. We roped together and slept together like 25 years ago."

He is able to laugh at it now, but their sail was torn and wind or no wind, they were in trouble.

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Their cell phones had died. The boat battery also died, and that meant all electronics stopped working.

The couple said they had no food while on board and ran out of water on the first day.

"Maybe the toilet, we saved urine that's a fact. Then my wife finds one gallon of water--an old bucket--this water was a beautiful something!"

They managed to use the small section of sail to slowly sail to shore.

From 80 miles off shore, to 10. That's when they met the Coast Guard.

Re-telling the tale, this captain's sea legs aren't shaking. He says he'd do it all over again.

They've already made plans for restoration in hopes to go next season again.

Luckily the couple did have a float plan: where you tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back. That's how the Coast Guard was tipped off later in the week.

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