Brooksville, Florida -- Investigators say a woman was killed after she was thrown from an ATV at a weekend party in Hernando County.

The Sheriff's Office says several people were celebrating a birthday party on Sunday at Whitehurst Pond, which is both private property and is posted "No Trespassing." They arrived at the pond around 11 a.m. and planned to enjoy the day by riding the four wheelers in the sand and mud. Investigators say that through the course of the day, most of the partiers drank a few beers.

Around 4:30, Jessica Oras reportedly jumped on a four wheeler, waved to her cousin Rachel Gernaat to get on, and they took off on the four wheeler. Oras drove along the pond, around the first turn, and then told Gernaat she was going to go faster.

Once they sped up, they hit a bump and both women were ejected from the ATV. Oras was seriously injured.

Another ATV pulled up just after the crash, and took Gernaat to go call for help.

First responders were called out, where Oras was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hernando deputies say there is no sign of foul play.

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