Orlando, Florida --The 10 News Investigators have learned of yet another proposed secret agreement with the Republican Party of Florida and its former Chairman, Jim Greer.

The state GOP, which is claiming Greer stole money from it, wants to pay Greer hush money to keep quiet.

This is a major victory for Jim Greer. Last year we told you about a secret severance agreement the party signed with Greer.Party leaders first denied its existence, and then, when it became public, the party refused to honor the agreement, saying Greer stole money from the GOP.

Now we've learned of another proposed secret agreement, and it is something only the highest level people in the Party know about.

Greer says it makes the party look like it is talking out of both sides of its mouth, saying he stole money from them, and then wanting to pay him hush money so he won't reveal party secrets.

Greer says, about a year ago, "The Republican Party of Florida and its attorneys asked to meet with me and my attorneys in an effort to settle my $5 million dollar law suit."

The secret meeting occurred September 16, 2011 at Shula's Steak House in the Orlando area. besides Greer's attorney, Damon Chase, Republican party attorneys Stephen S. Dobson lll and Steven R. Andrews were part of the negotiations.

The attorneys, former RPOF Executive Director, Andy Palmer, Greer and his wife Lisa signed the agreement.

The eight-page document says, in return for the undisclosed amount of hush money, he would agree to keep quiet about all trade secrets of the Republican Party of Florida, including fund raising activities, authorized or unauthorized.

It also says Greer, upon signing, gives up any literary, movie or other contracts relating to the Republican Party of Florida, and that the Party may advise the statewide prosecutor and other state and federal agencies interested in the resolution of the claims.

According to Greer, "We wanted this document to become public. I wanted the public, the judge, the court, the jury and people to see while they were calling me a criminal on one hand, they were trying to negotiate a settlement with me on the other hand."

Greer maintains he has done nothing wrong, and says the agreement going public should have a huge impact on a jury if the criminal case goes to trial in November.

Greer says, "It was another secret agreement. Everything the Republican party does is secret. A judge saw it differently today and said I have a right to have it released and let the jury see it."

This agreement not only helps Greer, but it puts leaders of the state GOP in a bad position.

It shows that they lied to their membership about the first agreement with Greer by denying it existed, and that despite attempts to paint him as an evil former chairman, they offered him hush money to keep quiet about the inner dealings of the part.

Florida GOP Press Secretary Kristen McDonald says, "Obviously there has been no settlement in the civil case Jim Greer brought against the Republican Party of Florida. Greer is still awaiting criminal prosecution for his alleged crimes while he was Chairman."

Meanwhile, the man who ordered the release of thefour page document that could be embarrassing to some top GOP leadersmade a clarification.

He said it will remain sealed for seven days so attorneys for people who may be named in the document can file an appeal.

However, the attorneys for the people who may be named in the document have not revealed who their clients are.

The judge also ordered the document be given to Greer's attorney for review as well.

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