Tallahassee, Florida -- Motorists get a glimpse of the future in Tallahassee - a garage packed with cars that don't burn a drop of gasoline.

How would you like to settle in behind the wheel of a head-turning, electric Tesla and head on down the highway?

Well, it'll cost you $125,000 to buy this car of the future.

The Florida Alternative-Fueled Vehicle Roadshow quietly cruised into Tallahassee on Thursday without a trace of harmful emissions.

The show features a variety of vehicles operating on electricity, natural gas and propane.

The Nissan Leaf is one of the featured cars. It's 100 percent electric and costs around $35,000. The Leaf can go about 75 miles on a charge.

That's the dilemma with many all-electric cars right now. Industry insiders call it "range anxiety" - you're holding your breath over whether you can make it back home on a charge.

So Efacec Corporation and other companies are working to build an infrastructure of car chargers around the country.

Mike Anderson says the company has developed a fast charger that can charge a car up to 80 percent in just 20 minutes.

"The overall goal in the industry is to have these fast chargers deployed along major corridors throughout the states every 50-60 miles and then that allows the 100-percent electric cars to go further from the house."

Anderson says there is no real silver bullet to make the country kick its dependency on foreign oil, or domestic oil for that matter. But a mix of alternative-fueled vehicles, like the ones displayed in the Roadshow, will help achieve that goal.

The Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow quietly, and cleanly, heads to Jacksonville on Friday and on to Tampa next Monday.

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