New Smyrna Beach, Florida (WKMG) -- The New Smyrna Beach High School football coach will meet with school officials on Wednesday after a pregame incident between the team and the Spruce Creek marching band.

Barracudas coach Lance Jenkins will meet the Volusia County School District Office of Professional Standards after his football team did warm-ups by running through the Spruce Creek band members, who were performing their pregame show.

The meeting will be closed to the public.

In the video, recorded by a band parent andNew Smyrna Beach players can be seen running through the band as it performed before the game.

Spruce Creek parents say the Barracudas crossed the line and students say the team should be penalized for their lack of sportsmanship.

"They shouldn't be able to go to the play offs because that's really tasteless behavior. They were trying to intimidate our band and trample them and were yelling profanity and get off our field," a Spruce Creek High student said Tuesday.

The New Smyrna High School Principal, James R. Tager, released a letter of apology to Spruce Creek stating, "On behalf of New Smyrna Beach High School, I would like to apologize for taking away from the dignity of your senior night event this past Friday evening. Please know that I have the utmost respect for each of
you and appreciate the longstanding tradition of excellence at your school."

Tager also said, "It is my hope in the future that we can better prepare a regimented protocol for special nights that vary from the normal FHSAA pre-game procedures."

Tager said that he takes responsibility for the coaches and players who didn't stop running the last two scripted pre-game plays.

Jenkins has not returned calls from Local 6. Volusia County School Board official Nancy Wait told Local 6 the school board won't comment because the case is under investigation.

Jenkins' Barracudas defeated rival Spruce Creek, 41-14, to finish the regular season 9-0. It was the school's first undefeated regular season since 1999.

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