Tallahassee, Florida - Is Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner trying to hide something from you about last week's election debacle?

On Wednesday, Detzner met with supervisors of elections from five counties but banned reporters from sitting in on the conversation. A spokesman for Detzner said they wanted to have a candid conversation and the meeting was closed to the public.

Detzner met with supervisors from Duval, Polk, Martin, Clay and Escambia counties. They reportedly talked about how to make elections more accessible and how to report voting results faster.

Detzner is meeting with election supervisors across the state at the request of Gov. Rick Scott. The governor says he wants to improve Florida's election process.

Last week some voters were forced to wait in line for more than six hours to cast their votes and several counties did not finish counting their ballots until several days after the election.

About 8.5 million Floridians cast ballots in the election, half of which came during early voting. Florida did not finish its voting results until four days after the election.

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