Miami, Florida (CBS4 Miami)-- A high speed police chase through the streets of Miami has ended with at least one suspect in custody and one officer injured.

The chase started around 12:15 when the driver of a U-Haul box truck refused to stop for a Cutler Bay police officer around SW 152ndStreet and the Turnpike in Cutler Bay and attempted to run over the officer.

The driver headed northbound from the Turnpike onto SR 874.

Flying down the highway at a high rate of speed, the driver weaved in and out of traffic along northbound 874, 826 and residential neighborhoods.

Dozens of officers, in marked and unmarked vehicles, pursued the driver but were unsuccessful in getting him to stop.

He ran stop signs, red lights and at one point when it appeared officers had him cornered, the driver simply drove over a median and into the wrong lane of traffic in his efforts to evade capture.

When it appeared heavy traffic on 826, in an area of heavy construction would stop the chase, the driver simply squeezed through vehicles, exited the highway and kept on going.

At another point in the chase, a police cruiser tried to block the road but the suspect simply hit the cruiser, pushed it out of the way and drove around it.

The chase lasted for nearly 30 minutes until officers blocked the road at SW 25th Avenue and 8thStreet.

With guns drawn, the driver had nowhere to go but while the truck finally stopped, the driver had to be pulled forcefully from the window by more than a dozen officers.

One officer could be seen injured on the ground. It's not known how he was hurt video showed his leg pinned by a police car and the U-Haul during the takedown.

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