Melbourne, FL (Florida Today) -- Adam Christopher Kosa was found covered in blood on the front porchof his mother's home - Brevard County Sheriff's Deputies say it was onhis hands, feet and head.

The 23-year-old told them he cut the throatsof four of his mother's six Chihuahuas because he felt she loved themmore than she loved him.

He toldinvestigators he chose to stay at the home on Croton Road last Thursdaywhen his parents went to visit his grandparents at their mobile home inWickham Park. Kosa found they had locked the front door, so he walkedaround to the back door, which is normally kept unlocked.

Onceinside, he felt very upset about how he had been treated by his mother.He knew it was cruel and wrong, but it was necessary for his mother tounderstand how he felt. He felt sorry for having to take a life in orderto send the message to her. He admitted to thinking about killing thedogs prior to his parents leaving.

Kosa told investigatorshe picked up a box cutter in the garage and grabbed a dog. He cut itsthroat and got an adrenaline rush from the kill, so he chased downanother Chihuahua. After he got four of them, he began to feel terrible,so he didn't go after the remaining two.

After thekilling, deputies say Kosa walked to a 7-Eleven where he encountered afamily friend and confessed. He returned home and dialed 9-1-1, butdisconnected before talking with a dispatcher. Responding deputies foundhim on the porch, handcuffed him and put him in a patrol car. They wentinside to find two dogs dead and two severely injured. Family memberstook the two injured dogs to a hospital, deputies reported they were instable condition.

Kosa was arrested and charged with fourcounts of felony cruelty to the animals. He is being held at BrevardCounty Jail on a $20,000 bond.

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