Remember back to fourth grade, if you can. What were you doing? At an age when most kids are working on their cursive, Jaden Newman is perfecting her crossover.

At 9-years-old, she is already a basketball star. She is a starter on her school's varsity basketball team.

Orlando's Downey Christian School is a school with just around 400 students. Anyone, regardless of age, is eligible to play for head coach Jamie Newman,who just happens to be Jaden's father.

For Jamie, it's all about the skills.

"If they're good enough to play, and they're good enough to perform, then they are going to play," he said. "So, if someone who was third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade and they're good enough to play, they're going to play for me."

Jaden certainly has the skills. She began playing the game when she was three. She learned it from her parents, who met while playing basketball for rival Orlando high schools.

"We live and breathe basketball in my household," said Jamie, who added Jaden had been watching games with her dad "since she was an infant."

Now, as a fourth grader, Jaden averages around 14 points per game and leads her team in steals. She's quick, a great passer, and better dribbler.

"When you play with smaller kids and kids your own age it doesn't get you better, but when you play with older people it does get you better. I've been playing with older people my whole life."

Jaden's highlights are all over YouTube. She routinely gets opponents to fall after one of her devastating crossover dribbles -- a skill she polishes in 1-on-1 battles with her older brother, Julian.

"She's really good," said her 12-year-old brother. "She's God-gifted, too."

Julian was the first of the two basketball stars to catch eyes on YouTube. One of his highlight videos has over 3.5 million views. He has made appearances on national television to show off his ball handling and talk about being a starter on Downey's boys varstity team.

"He can dribble really good and I want to be like him one day," said Jaden.

Despite being over a foot shorter than his teammate and opponents at times, he still leads his Patriots team in scoring and assists.

Last week, Jaden made appearances on the Queen Latifah show in Los Angeles and on Fox Sports 1 in New York. Julian was on the Today Show and Conan O'Brien last year. The limelight hasn't changed the young up-and-coming stars.

"It's gratifying to see that their hard work is paying off and people are recognizing them," said Jamie.

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