Tallahassee, Florida -- Some state lawmakers gave the green light to a bill that would allow the speed limit on Florida's highways to go up.

Today, the senate appropriations committee voted on and approved the state speed zones bill. The law gives the Department of Transportation the authority to raise the speed limit on highways to a maximum of 75 miles per hour.

But, they must first perform a study to see if it's necessary to up the limit.

"We see a variety of states have raised their speed limits. In fact, I believe four states now, in fact, have speed limits over 80 mph. We're not proposing that. I think ours simply is a reasonable response to what we see on the roads every day, which is people driving a few miles over the speed limit," said Sen. Jeff Brandes (R - St. Petersburg).

The bill now heads to the Senate floor, but it still has a long way to go. It must be approved there, then in the House. Lastly, the governor would have to sign off on it then it would become an effective law by July 1st of this year.

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