TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- On Monday, state lawmakers debated several bills that will affect the state's public records laws.

The House looked at nine new laws all together in a committee this afternoon.

One of them was HB 555, which would make recorded images from red light cameras exempt.

HB 865 would exempt the contact information for people involved in a car crash for up to 60 days.

But, lawmakers also discussed HB 1151, which would clarify public records laws, making it easier to access them.

"I think we're seeing the biggest onslaught in terms of proposed new exemptions to the constitutional right of access to records and meetings that I've seen in my 20 years at the First Amendment Foundation. We have more than 125 bills on our tracking list -the majority of those are creating new exemptions," said Barbara Peterson, president of the First Amendment Foundation.

Once we find out the results to those bills, we will update you with the information.

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