Deputy Chief Andy Ray from Auburndale Police Department has confirmed that Kathryn Flint who was in critical condition has died.

Also, the second victim, Christopher Flint, was kept overnight at Lakeland Regional Medical Center for treatment of his injuries and was released from today.

We will keep you up to date with more information.

Auburndale mother burned in accident, dies


Auburndale, Fla. -- On Friday evening, July 4, Auburndale Police officers responded to assist the Auburndale Fire Department and Polk County Fire Rescue at a reported fire at 226 Eaker Street, Auburndale, Florida.

Initial reports indicated that two people were injured when fireworks exploded inside the home.

A number of people were in attendance at a family get-together. 49-year-old Kathryn Flint, went inside the home to gather multiple large fireworks that had previously been placed on top of a bed in a bedroom, and was going to take them outside to set them off.

Shortly after while she was inside the bedroom with two dogs, there was an apparent accidental ignition of at least one firework. When it exploded, it set off others inside the bedroom, resulting in the ignition of other fireworks and causing multiple explosions inside the room; resulting in a fire.

Upon hearing the commotion, Flint's 26-year-old son Christopher Flint, went to the room to help his mother.

According to the investigation, Christopher Flint went to a bedroom window, removed an air conditioner, and was able to remove his mother from the room, which was burning.

The explosions and fire severely burned Kathryn Flint and Christopher as well.

One dog was killed in the incident and another was burned and removed for further care by an officer of the Polk County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Section.

Kathryn was flown by medical helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment of severe burns.

Christopher was transported by ambulance to Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Kathryn is listed in critical condition at this time.

The investigation is still ongoing as they attempt to determine what caused the initial ignition of the fireworks.

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