PUNTA GORDA ISLES, FL (WINK) - A teen from Punta Gorda Isles was fishing in Charlotte Harbor, when he caught a stingray while it was giving birth.

He captured the rare moment on video, which he shared exclusively with WINK News.

Every fisherman loves a good "fish tale," but Calvin Conger got more than he bargained for.

Conger was fishing for sharks near Ponce de Leon Park, when he reeled in one stingray, but threw three back into the water.

"We were kind of bummed about it," Conger said of the moment he first saw the stingray on his hook. "We got it on the boat, we put it on the fileting table because we we're going to use it for bait. We got a closer look at it, and there was another stinger hanging out."

In the video, Conger's girlfriend, Hannah Harris, can be heard shreiking in the background, while Conger's father pushes a baby stingray out of its mother.

"It like flopped right out. It was weird," Harris said. "It makes me want to go fishing more. You just see the weirdest things, and it was an awesome moment."

The stingray give birth to two pups on the boat, before all three animals were released back into the harbor.


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