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TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Boom! Just like that, shots rang out. Screams emanated from rooms. Then officers entered the building and took care of the shooter in just seconds.

Luckily, this was just a drill.

"I just sat in on a training for sandy hook, which literally brought tears to my eyes," said FAMU Police Chief Terence Calloway.

The FAMU police department hosted a mass shooter training on campus Wednesday in Wheatley hall. Officers with various agencies stormed down the hall to nab a single shooter in the first drill.

"There's a lot of things you're taking in, everything's moving very quickly," said Rama Shuster, an officer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The FAMU police department hosted a mass shooter training on campus Wednesday.

It was loud and very intense just to watch. But for the officers, they understand this could be a real situation.

"This is my first exposure to this and it's very thought provoking when you're placed in these situations," Shuster said.

An analysis by the USA Today shows more than 200 mass shootings have occurred in the last eight years with more than 900 people killed - making a training like this one critical.

"If you've already trained together, you are familiar with what each other will do, so it will make it easier for us to go in and eliminate the threat," said Chief Calloway

The officers have to wear their entire gear, not only for safety, but to also actually simulate a mass shooting situation.

Because you never know when real danger might knock on the door.

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