Oldsmar, Florida -- A Good Samaritan made a harrowing rescue today after a man flipped his truck into a pond on Keystone Road near Oldsmar.

The driver's head was reportedly submerged in water as he sat there unconscious.

That's when Good Samaritans Richard Glenn and his wife, Diana, made the split-second decision to pull over and trek through the murky, muddy waters to help the man inside.

"I ran to the truck ... got to the front of it where the windshield was and started hammering as fast as I could at the windshield to try to break it," said Richard Glenn. "I don't think you're thinking of saving someone's life. I think you're more or less thinking of doing what's right in the moment."

Richard's hands are still cut up after the rescue. He said he used them to punch a hole in the driver's side window so that he and his wife could keep the man's head above water until help came.

The driver remains in St. Joseph Hospital in stable, but serious condition.

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