Pasco County, Florida -- A warning for homeowners Wednesday night, the hot and dry weather is putting fire conditions high. A brush fire scared residents in a Moon Lake neighborhood Wednesday afternoon after it threatened nearly a dozen homes.

"When you come out and see flames this close to your house, you worry," says Marie Bass, who says her day turned frightening when all she could see was flames feet from her front door.

"I was afraid of hot ash getting on the roof and have something catch fire because it's been so hot and dry," says Bass.

It's that dry weather that firefighters have to add to the battle of making sure the fire that burned more than four acres and destroyed three boats on the property doesn't reignite.

"People just got to pay attention," says Bass.

With wooded areas surrounding most of her home, Bass says this isn't the first time a fire has taken place so close.

"People don't realize, they come by and throw a cigarette out and fire starts fast around here," says Bass.

Firefighters say that this is just the start of fire season and everyone needs to make sure they're home is safe, especially if you live next to a vegetated area. They say 10 feet needs to be between your home and the vegetated area.

Also, the Department of Forestry says this fire is suspicious. Anyone with information on this or any suspicious activity going on is asked to call 813-714-4487.

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