Get ready to hear those engines rev up all weekend, the Firestone Grand Prix of St petersburg festivities get underway starting at 8 am.

St. Petersburg, Florida — The excitement is revving up in downtown Saint Pete as racers ready their cars to break in the track and celebrate a decade of racing in the city.

Hundreds of spectators have made the trek through the roadblocks and barricades to witness the hot engines and racing wheels rolling down the streets of Saint Petersburg.

"We bring the whole clan here on a Friday and spend the whole day here open to close," said race spectator Cindy Carithers.

Carithers says she and her family have been coming to the course every year since it started, and that there's an excitement that goes with the smell of spent fuel and burnt rubber.

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"Everybody goes, 'wear earplugs!' No, no. You want to hear it and feel it. (My husband) even made me have my hearing checked," she said.

But Jim Allatto from, "New York, New Jersey, and now Bradenton Florida," says those earplugs are a lifesaver.

"I think I'm gonna need them today. My ears are ringing already," he said.

But whether you want to feel the race behind you or just need to get a fix for your need for speed, the firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg has you covered with twists and turns you won't see on an normal Indy track.

"They don't have turns like this that are flat and walls that close," said spectator Gary Nice.

As for rain, race officials are keeping their eyes on the sky. Indy cars have specialized tires that can be put on in case the roads get slick, and race officials say they will do everything they can to keep cars on the road as long as it's safe.

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