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A Thai surrogate is keeping a child born with Down's syndrome, after the Australian couple who paid her to carry a child didn't want him.

In fact, surrogate mother Pattharamon Janbua was asked by the couple to terminate the pregnancy in her seventh month after it was discovered the child would be born with Down's syndrome.

Janbua refused and ended up giving birth to twins -- Gammy, the boy born with Down's syndrome, and his healthy sister. The couple ended up taking the healthy child and left Gammy with Janbua, without paying the full surrogate fee.

Australians outraged by Gammy's plight have already raised over $1,000 to ensure Gammy receives the medical treatment he needs.

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A Thai woman who carried a baby with Down's syndrome as a surrogate mother says she was asked to terminate the pregnancy in her seventh month. Sarah Toms reports.

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