(KUSA) - A highly-charged political DVD has started showing up in mailboxes across Florida. It's a film that makes claims about President Obama's family background called "Dreams from My Real Father."

The film's director claimsmore than a million free copies have been sent. The exact number of copies distributed cannot be independently confirmed.

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert sent them out to key swing states, including Colorado, Florida, and Ohio. Gilbert works for Highway 61 Entertainment and has produced mockumentary/spoof films about Paul McCartney and Elvis.

He appears in multiple clips on YouTube talking about his new film about President Obama.

"Barack Obama, in fact, has a deeply disturbing family background which he intentionally hid to obscure a Marxist political foundation," Gilbert said in a speech at the National Press Club earlier this year.

In the YouTube clip of the speech, it is not clear to whom he addressed his remarks. In the film, Gilbert says President Obama's father is a Communist named Frank Marshall Davis.

Davis was an African American journalist who lived in Hawaii. Federal authorities investigated Davis in the 1940s and 1950s for any ties to the American Communist Party. The film also says Davis had a secret relationship with President Obama's mother and that President Obama is making up the story about his Kenyan father.

However, there is no proven relationship between Frank Marshall Davis and President Obama. There are also a few things you should know about this film.

The entire film uses a narrator that sounds, somewhat, like President Obama. It is clearly not President Obama's real voice.

In the film, it is also clear the narrator is imagining what President Obama is thinking.

"By the time I was 18," the narrator says, "Frank Marshal Davis' worldview became mine. And my mission in life was to fulfill his dreams."

It is important to point out there is no evidence to support that President Obama has ever said this. There are dozens of other quotes that use this type of technique to inaccurately portray President Obama in the film.

Gilbert has also never said where he's getting the money to send more than four million copies to voters in swing states like Ohio, Florida, and Colorado.

"From there we are expanding across the United States until America understands the deadly Marxist dreams Obama has for us from his real father," he said in the National Press Club speech earlier this summer.

The bottom line:

There is no proven relationship between Frank Marshall Davis and President Obama. The narrator in this film is not President Obama's voice.

It is a voice using dozens of quotes there is no evidence President Obama has ever said.

Both Mitt Romney and President Obama's campaigns declined to comment on Gilbert's film.

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