Bonita Springs, Florida -- Senator Bill Nelsonis battling it outwith CongressmanMack.Most polls have Senator Nelson ahead but that's not stopping the enthusiasm from the Mack camp.

Tuesday afternoon the Connie Mack campwas setting up a banquet roomat a hotel in Bonita Springshoping for a victory party later tonight.

Therace between Mack and Nelson hasplayed out over the airwaveswith negative campaign ads thathave been running for months now.

45-year-old Congressman Mack considers himself a mainstream conservative and his motto of more freedom, less taxes is the same one you'd normally hear from his father Connie Mack III, aformer U.S. senator and representative from Fort Myers who spent 18 years as a lawmaker in Washington before he retired.

His son, though, is after Senator Bill Nelson's job and he's criticized Nelson saying Nelson voted for higher taxes 150 times and has to go.

But Nelson says Mack hasn't shown up for his current job as a congressman and hasn't been around to vote either way.Mack says he stands by his record of voting against the President's Affordable Care Act, the Dodd-Frank regulation on the banking industry, and the automatic budget cuts that would especially affect the military.

10 News has a crew with the Connie Mackcamp and we'll have updates online an on air throughout the night.

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