Tallahassee, Florida -- As it stands right now, if you shoot out a warning shot from a gun you could get put behind bars. But, that could all soon change and fit within stand your ground protection.

The Florida House on Thursday afternoon approved House Bill 89 Threatened Use of Force. Several lawmakers stood up to speak but in the end the vote was 93-24.

There was much debate on why the words "warning shot" were not in the bill.

One of the sponsors of the bill, Rep. Neil Combee, R- Auburndale, said he didn't want people to think it's okay to shoot off a warning shot just because of the bill, but hopes it defends people's rights to do so.

Adding the warning shots would be the first significant change to it since the death of teen Trayvon Martin.

The warning shot gained a lot of attention after the Marissa Alexander case. She's currently serving 20 years for firing a gun shot near her husband.

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"It needs to be applied in the right way. Many of us who support it feel like is a really good compromise within the stand your ground," said Rep. Reggie Fullwood, D–Jacksonville.

Its next stop would be over in the Senate for further consideration.

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