TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- On Wednesday, March 26, state lawmakers pumped the breaks on a bill that would end red-light cameras in Florida.

Sen. Jeff Brandes, R–St. Petersburg, sponsored the bill that would require local governments to get rid of or amend their red-light camera systems.

Several amendments to the law were suggested during a Senate committee hearing – such as giving drivers just a warning if a traffic light was red for half a second when they went through it. All of the amendments failed.

After much debate, one senator motioned to temporarily postpone the bill for this week, which passed.

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"I think many people should see this has truly become not about safety. For many municipalities, it's about protecting a revenue stream and it's something that has concerned me from the very first time I got involved in this issue," said Brandes.

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The is the second week in a row the bill was postponed.

It now has two options: It can appear on the agenda for the next time the committee meets, or it can die all together for this legislative session.

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