St. Petersburg, Florida -- There's a good chance you've seen posts that have been deleted from Facebook. Have you ever wondered who decides what's inappropriate?

Conservative pundit and radio talk show host Todd Starnes says liberals have it figured out. On a recent episode of Hannity on Fox News, Starnes said only conservatives get banned from the social media site.

"It's an algorithm that the liberals have somehow figured out and coincidentally all the people getting banned from Facebook are somehow conservative," said Starnes.

PunditFact reached out to Facebook to find out if that statement is true.

"There is no algorithm to get people banned," said PunditFact editor Aaron Sharockman. "What happens is if you report someone for saying something inappropriate on Facebook, all those reports go to a person who makes a decision whether to ban you or not."

Facebook's community standards are very clear about what kinds of things are not allowed. The site doesn't tolerate any violence and threats, bullying, hate speech or graphic content. Anyone can report what they believe violates the rules but it's a person -- not an algorithm -- that decides the fate of a post and the poster.

PunditFact also takes issue with Starnes' claim that only conservatives get banned from Facebook.

"We found many examples of liberals being banned on Facebook or having people attack their posts," said Sharockman. "Facebook says, 'We're not targeting one group over the other. We review every comment, every report, that comes in about a bad comment or something that should be reviewed.'"

Because Facebook makes the decisions about what is deleted and who gets banned -- not an algorithm -- PunditFact rates Starnes' claim FALSE.

PunditFact tried to reach Starnes for comment, but he did not return calls.

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