St. Petersburg, Florida - The decision by the Supreme Court over the federal government's contraception rule created quite the controversy when it came down on Monday.

Pundits took to the airwaves to discuss the decision that allows businesses to opt out of the law requiring them to cover birth control for women.

On CNN, liberal contributor Sally Kohn said Hobby Lobby's intentions were "disingenuous." Here's what she said:

PunditFact checks a claim that Hobby Lobby covered contraceptives in the past and its intentions were politically motivated.

"Hobby Lobby provided this coverage before they decided to drop it to file suit, which was politically motivated."

PunditFact wondered whether Hobby Lobby did in fact cover these types of birth control in the past, and fact-checkers found it did!

Hobby Lobby said in its original complaint in 2012, that the owners were surprised to learn the insurance coverage covered two forms of the "morning after" pill. They then immediately pulled it from their coverage.

"She did have a point, that they did drop the coverage before pursuing the lawsuit, but she was missing the caveat here that they didn't know they were covering it," says Katie Sanders with PunditFact.

Because Hobby Lobby did offer the contraceptives, but when the owners found out, the company stopped offering the drugs and went to court, PunditFact rates Kohn's claim, MOSTLY TRUE.

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