Tampa, Florida - Nine weeks: that's all that's left until Floridians decide on their next governor.

Both candidates have hit the campaign trail hard. Last week Charlie Crist focused his campaign along the I-4 corridor down to South Florida. Now on Labor Day, Governor Rick Scott kicked off a two week, 28-stop "Let's keep working" tax cut tour to highlight his $1 billion tax cut proposals.

"We've already cut taxes 40 times and we need to continue to put money back into your pocket," says Governor Rick Scott.

The tax cuts include the eventual elimination of the corporate income tax, expansion of the state's sales tax holidays, and reduction of cell phone taxes.

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"I want to get rid of business tax and have more businesses come in and headquarter here. Also, get rid of tax when you lease a business. We're the only state that has that," says Gov. Scott.

After this two week tour ends, don't think you'll see any less of the Governor around the state. With a little over 60 days to go and a race that's too close to call, both candidates are doing what they need to do to make sure they have your vote this November.

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Governor Scott's first stops on the tour will be to Plant City, Bradenton and Sarasota on Monday.

Meanwhile Crist attended Labor Day picnics in eastern Hillsborough County, where he called Scott a "corporate governor" who is "crushing the middle class" with higher utility rates and property insurance rates.

Charlie Crist's campaign has released a statement about the bus tour from former State Senator Dan Gelber:

"Charlie Crist is responsible for the single biggest property tax cut in Florida history. Rick Scott promised to cut taxes in his last campaign - once elected, he went back on his promise and Florida families are paying $400 million more in property taxes than they were under Charlie. Just as a taxpayer-funded campaign tour can't help Rick Scott cover up his $1.3 billion cut to public education cut, a two week bus tour won't change Rick Scott's record of raising taxes on Florida families."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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