Ohio (WBNS)- Her passion for people goes back many years. Florence Lenahan earned her MD from Ohio State in 1940.

She ran a small medical practice in north Columbus, where patients say she knew each one of them by name.

Jennifer Blythe was a patient of Lenahan's and she had this to say, "Everybody knew each other, there were people in the waiting room that you knew from the time before."

Her other passion, helping animals.

Her property on Lewis Center Road is covered with them, including horses and llamas.

But there was one llama in particular, Baby Doll, that was always special to Florence.

Her friend Kevin Scott said, "Florence took it into her house, bottle fed it, raised it, basically saved its life. And that little llama went with Florence everywhere. And sometimes that included in her house."

"When Baby Doll the llama decided it liked to eat books, it didn't get to go in the house anymore because Florence has so many bookcases of books."

It was earlier this week, when Florence just arrived home, baby doll ran up to greet Florence like always. But this time, the llama slipped in the wet grass, colliding into her.

Kevin Scott found Florence shortly after.

"See, when I got to Florence, she was still conscious and I asked her. I said, 'Florence, what happened?' and she said, 'Baby Doll ran into me.' And that's what happened."

Florence died in the hospital Tuesday.

Friends say her legacy will live on through all the animals she helped.

Some of her pets, dogs, and cats arrived at the Delaware County Humane Society, which is also working to get the larger animals new homes too.

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