Racine County, WI - A day long struggle, sliding and slipping. This seven point buck falls countless times after it finds itself stranded in the middle of Tichigan Lake,a situation that had neighbors concerned and a fire department ready for a rescue.

The Tichigan Volunteer Fire Company made several attempts to help the struggling animal Wednesday. But thin ice halted the rescue.

But the crew did not give up.

Another try Thursday, with a few men, a rescue sled and hundreds of yards of rope proved to be the deer's saving grace.

"It was almost as if he knew that we were there to help him."

Bob Zortman and another man place a rope on the deer's neck.They begin to move him to shore.

"We were just monitoring it trying to make sure it wasn't going to struggle and try and get up again."

40 minutes later, they are close to land.

"He's seeing the trees. He's knowing he's maybe going to be off the ice."

The crew removes the rope, holds the horns and the deer is finally free.

"We pulled him the last few feet to the shore, made sure he could stand up and then the deer loped off."

"It was the outcome we were hoping for."

A very happy ending to a slippery situation.

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