Mountain City, TN (WBIR) -- A Tennessee police officer lost his job after he shot a squirrel inside a store.

Accordingto police documents, now-former Officer Jody Putnam was inside a DollarGeneral Store in Mountain City when employees noticed the squirrel. Putnam apparentlyshot his firearm at the squirrel inside the store. When that didn'twork, he used another weapon: pepper spray.

"There was a lot of people that come out and just like me they came out and they were coughing and a hacking," Carl Duffield told WJHL-TV. "It was comical, but I'm sure they didn't feel that way, the customers that came out."

In Mountain City, when an officer fires their weapon, they have to report it to a supervisor and make a written statement.

Putnamrefused to file the report. That is a violation of department policyand for that reason, the town's Board of Mayor and Alderman fired him.

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