MOUNT ZION, Illinois (WAND) -- You can call it new age play-calling with a purpose.

At Illinois' Mt. Zion High School, the football team -- under new coach Mike Popovich -- is catching on to a trendy way to signal plays into the players on the field, but not exactly for the reasons many others are doing the same.

You can only imagine what he thought when he first heard about senior Chandler Hudson from an assistant coach.

"He said, we've got a kid, he's a great athlete," said Popovich, "can play on both sides of the ball for us, but we've got a little bit of a problem. He can't hear."

Hudson is deaf. He uses a hearing aid at home and at school, but because it's expensive -- and doesn't fit well in a football helmet -- he doesn't wear it when he plays.

As a result, he can't hear while on the field. Not a sound.

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