For an extra $10, they infuse the food with THC


Vancouver, British Columbia - A pizzeria in Vancouver has a topping you can only get with a prescription: marijuana.

The pizzeria, Mega Ill, bakes a pizza that can get you high. For an extra $10, they infuse the food with THC. The people who run Mega Ill say they only serve up slices to people who are over the age of 18 and have a prescription for medical marijuana.

Anthony Risling of Mega Ill had this to say, "Basically, we infuse it through an oil-extraction process. We drizzle the oil onto the pizza and it medicates you when you eat it. It's a little different from smoking it. It takes about a half hour for it to activate."

New regulations that go into effect on April first could force the pizzeria to stop making pies with marijuana.

Final approval is currently in legal limbo, but if the outcome of the case does ban marijuana-infused pizza, the owner of Mega Ill plans to take it off the menu to keep the business open.

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