Clearwater, Florida -- A burglar's stomach landed him in jail, more than once.

Derrick Moore, 40, a transient in Clearwater, faces multiple burglary charges, but on one home he hit he left plenty of DNA evidence.

"He came in through the window here, he took out the air conditioning window unit even though it was bolted, he still got in," said home owner, Cindy Runyon.

Runyon was at school teaching her first-grade class on April 17 when Moore decided to make her house his.

"I have lived here for 17 years and never had something like this happen," Runyon said.

"He went through my jewelry box and he went through everything just threw everything all over the place," said Runyon. "It was awful because he took things that are not worth much to him but to me they are left behind from my family members who have passed away, and there is not any kind of insurance for those sentimental things.

" For example he took a pin that my mother's cousin made for me while he was in Italy a long time ago when I was little and it said 'Cindy' on it but there are no 'y's in the Italian alphabet so that was so special to me, I've had it since I was a little girl."

He got away with jewelry and some laptops, but he piled her two flat screens and an electric guitar in the garage and left it so it looked like he was going to come back to get it.

A man who broke into homes in Clearawater and Largo left DNA behind on a fork.

"He had taken one of my own screwdrivers and unscrewed the TV off the wall and knocked my plants all over the floor."

But before he walked off with her treasures, he stopped in the kitchen and got the munchies.

Runyon's friend had come by her home while she was teaching to pick up a few things he had left there and noticed the stack of flat screens in the garage and her side door to the kitchen wide open. He called her immediately and she told him to call 911.

At first police would to let her inside to look at what Moore did, but when she was allowed in, she pointed police to the DNA evidence that landed Moore in jail.

"I saw there was a pan with some leftover barbecue ribs that I had in the refrigerator and I noticed when I walked through I said 'Oh my goodness, he stopped and had a snack while he was here robbing me!' There was a pan of ribs and a spoon that he had been eating the ribs with because they were so tender he could eat them with a spoon but that is how he got caught he left his DNA on the silverware so he really made himself at home while he was in here. Drinking my ice tea, too, while he was in another room and eating ribs (while) taking me jewelry and my electronics."

Police dusted the area for prints and that plus the dirty spoon lead to an arrest. Later, Moore told them he was high on drugs when he was inside Runyon's home and needed the items to trade for more narcotics.

Police also charged Moore with another house burglary in May. At that burglary, he ate cake from the owner's kitchen and spilled it on his jacket, which he left at the scene. At another location, he illegally entered a vacant property for the second time, and the owner recognized him from the first time when he caught Moore on surveillance. The owner tried to stop him and Moore ran away. Police were nearby and caught him after a short chase May 9.

He faces several charges ranging from burglary to resisting arrest, and is being held in the Pinellas County Jail.

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