NEW MEXICO (KOAT) - A New Mexico man is under arrest for gruesomely killing a dog with plans to eat it, CNN Affiliate KOAT-TV reports.

"Nobody knows what to think," said Mandy Malone, the man's ex-girlfriend. "Nobody has ever heard of this before."

Malone said she's disgusted by what her ex-boyfriend is accused of doing.

"He'd said it before but jokingly, just out of the blue, 'I'm going to barbeque one of your dogs,'" she said.

This time it was no joke. Police said Salvador Martinez stabbed one of Malone's dogs in the heart. Investigators said he skinned the puppy and cut up its meat. Malone found the remains of her beloved Onyx at her Edgewood home in the freezer.

"He had her marinating in Italian dressing in the fridge," she said.

It's legal in New Mexico to eat dog, but police said the way Martinez killed Onyx -- by stabbing her repeatedly with a screwdriver -- is a crime.

"What could possibly go through someone's mind to do something that sick?" asked Malone.

Martinez is facing the charge extreme cruelty to animals.


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