Ocean City, Maryland (DELMARVANOW) --The woman who set up her own pole-dancing operation on the Boardwalk last weekend says she's well within her rights to do so, and she's not going to stop anytime soon.

Chelsea Plymale is already calling herself "OC's only Pole Doll." She appeared twice on the Boardwalk in the last week, drawing extraordinary crowds including numerous men snapping photos. She's also getting a lot of attention on social media like Facebook, where the comments continue to pour in whenever people post a photo or video of her performances, one made in a bikini and another in a sports bra and shorts.

"Ocean City just needs to get with the times," said Plymale, 27, of Frederick. "I'm not doing anything trashy. I'm not out there in a thong and pasties. I'm not shaking my butt. I'm just doing pole tricks, and that's it. I'm doing something I really enjoy."

Of her critics, she said she is not reading the Facebook comments. " Those people aren't making me any money – they're just making me famous," Plymale said.

Thanks in part to two fedreal court decisions involving Ocean City, Plymale's show is legal. That doesn't mean, though, that it hasn't riled people, including a nearby store owner.

Chelsea Plymale, 27, discusses the controversey surrounding her recent pole-dancing on the Ocean City boardwalk.

At Second Street, Joe Kroart has sold art prints from his Ocean Gallery since the 1970s. Kroart said the large crowds Plymale drew ended up blocking the flow of pedestrian traffic along the Boardwalk outside his shop. He said her appearances will have "a huge negative impact" for Ocean City.

"This is not the place for it, and it attracts attention," he said. "Where do you stop on something like this? Do we want this occurring at every street end? Would you want to take your family to a resort that had pole dancers all over the Boardwalk? We're talking about respect for human dignity and decency."

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