(News-Press) A swarm of bees have made themselves at home in the yard of a house of the 1400 block of Heiman Avenue.

The Tice Fire and Rescue District responded to a bee attack at around 5:30 p.m. today in the neighborhood near Ballard Road and E. Michigan Avenue.

One person was sent to the hospital for injuries, fire Chief Ted Ross said.

He said more and more people are finding colonies of feral bee hives within their homes.

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A man was seen coming out of the home with a towel wrapped on his head as a form of protection to retrieve something from his car while bees flew above him.

A reporter that attempted to ask the man about the bee infestation was chased away by a solitary bee.

From a window from the home a woman yelled: "It's not a good time right now."

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Ross said people within the neighborhood should be cautious as they make their way outside.

The fire district does not kill bees but calls in experts who try to calm the hive down, then bee keepers will attempt to move the bees, Ross said.

Depending on aggression, killing the bees is the last option, he said.

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