Police are scratching their heads trying to work out who donated a human skull to a thrift store in Austin, Texas.


AUSTIN, Texas (KVUE) -- An unusual discovery in July by an employee at a North Austin Goodwill grabbed the Austin Police Department's attention.

APD is looking for a person who may have donated a human skull to an Austin Goodwill store. Police said the skull was found at the Goodwill at 5555 North Lamar Boulevard.

On July 16, a Goodwill employee sorting through donations found what appeared to be a human skull.

The Travis County Medical Examiner's Office determined the skull is from an adult, who may have died two years ago. The cause of death, sex or race are unknown at this point.

Austin police said they don't believe the skull was involved in a crime and that it may have been part of a private collection.

The Austin Police Department was called in when a Texas Goodwill received the most unusual donation.

"We think it was probably something that belonged to the person who donated it, to a relative of the person who donated it and it was part of a collection or an anatomical model or something like that. It could have been something that was kept by someone who was a student of anthropology, a student of medicine, dentistry...any of those things," said Detective Derek Israel with APD's Homicide Unit.

Goodwill has 31 stores in Austin and 40 donation centers. A spokesperson says it's not unusual to see the unusual in donation bins.

"We have gotten prosthetic limbs. We have gotten Rolex watches. We have gotten Krugerrands. Our donations run the gamut," said Traci Berry with Goodwill.

If anyone has information about the skull, please call the APD Homicide Unit at 512- 974-5210.

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