TAMPA, Florida -- It was a far cry from a week ago in Miami when Josh Freeman and Dan Orlovsky combined for just one incomplete pass between them.

Against the Tennessee Titans, they combined for just 5 of 15 and, if you count in the sacks, they passed for negative yardage.

"We knew they had a great front seven and they were going to get some push, but I mean, all and all, I feel like we need to find a way to adjust to it and to adapt, make some plays, and sustain some drives," said Freeman.

Of the five drives, Freeman was behind center three of them ended in three and outs. In fact, the offense as a whole earned onlysix first downs in the contest.

As for the defense, missed tackles were a big problem, but the most obvious concern came from down in the trenches.

"We just have to play more physical. We did a lot of drills where it was a competition on controlling the line of scrimmage this week, and we just didn't own the line of scrimmage. It was as simple as that," said defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. "If we would have won the battle for the line of scrimmage, things would have been different."

The secondary in the early part of the first quarter was stepping up to help the Bucs' defensive front seven. Yet the Titans made adjustments in their rushing attack and showed holes in the Bucs' ability to make tackles, as Tennessee rushed for over200 yards.

"We got a lot of work to do. We got to tackle better, we got to win the line of scrimmage, and we have to watch the tape to really see howwe played," said Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib.

Another part of the Bucs' secondary showed he had a nose for the ball carrier, as first-round pick Mark Barron made his debut. Barron made his presence felt by stepping up and helping against the run.

"There are certain things they expect from me, so I kind of have that in the back of my mind," said Barron.

It will be interesting to see how far the Bucs have come in a short period of time and if they are able to correct these problems next Friday when they welcome the AFC champion New England Patriots to Raymond James Stadium.

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