(USA TODAY) Tiger Woods had been on camera for all of 20 seconds at the 2013 Masters when he was caught uttering his first on-air profanity.

On his first shot into Amen Corner -- an approach at the 11th -- Tiger was short with an iron from the first cut. He was heard sarcastically laughing at the shot, then rhetorically asking his caddy, "how the [expletive] did it do that?"

Part of the reason Joe LeCava is trusted on Tiger's bag is because he can resist answering, "probably because you didn't hit it far enough, bud."

The clip was only broadcast online, on one of the four streaming channels at Tiger's first 10 holesweren't aired online or on television. That approach into No. 11 was the first time viewers saw of the four-time champion.

And, to think, everyone was aghast about this! Imagine what it would have done to the basic moral fiber of our country if a man had been allowed to curse on cable television.

You know how they say if you lie down with dogs, you'll end up with fleas? Broadcasters need to learn that if you put a boom microphone on a Tiger, you'll end up hearing colorful descriptions of every single one of his bad shots. Deal with it.

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