St. Petersburg, Florida-- Rays pitcherAlex Cobb was doing nothing wrong. For the record, neither was I. But, unfortunately for his forehead/eye/nose area, someone told a joke at the most inopportune time in the history of clubhouse interviews.

I was standing at Alex's locker with my microphone and camera, ready to ask Cobb about his upcoming start happened

Jeremy Hellickson,who happens to have a locker right next to Alex, said something funny. Alex dropped his head to laugh just as I was raising my microphone from by my side into interview position. Then...


Metal meets forehead and the joking stops. My heart dropped to my toes. I felt so bad, even though it was a complete accident. Remember, this poor guy took a line drive off of his head earlier this season and missed two months! The last thing he needs is to get hit in the head by some TV reporter!

Alex, who could still see, seemed to shake it off quickly. He joked that he may not play on Wednesday now. It didn't seem that forceful. Still, If he has a black eye then, that will be all my fault.

So, for once and for all, and for everyone to hear, Alex:


-Bobby Lewis, 10 News sports reporter

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