I've called Clearwater home since the day I arrived at Morton Plant Hospital. A graduate of Clearwater High, I've traveled across the country but Tampa Bay has always been home.

My travels in the world of sportscasting have taken me from Orlando, to the bitter cold of South Dakota. After seeing Mt. Rushmore it was time to go back east, so I set the GPS for Myrtle Beach. I gave up the Grand Strand for Amish country in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. After covering the unhappy times in Happy Valley at Penn State, I got thephone call to come home.

I've won multiple AP awards for sportscasts and sports reporting. I'm also an Emmy award winning sports reporter.

When I'm not covering sports, I am at home covering sports. I'm what they call a "Sportsaholic" and I love it. But I do have hobbies like surfing, fishing, playing hoops, baseball and golfing.

Being home in Tampa Bay gives me the opportunity to cover the teams I grew up rooting for. I'm a huge baseball fan, so Spring Training is my favorite time of year. The mixture of great sports, sun and some surf (when weather allows) makes this area the best.

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