The Road Warrior is "Seeing Red" and fixing traffic signals for you!


The Road Warrior is making it her mission to get malfunctioning or mis-timed lights fixed for you, and the first spot she took on is the intersection of Gandy Blvd. And Grand Ave., just north of US-19.

She got a tip that the light was off, and during afternoon rush hour, traffic on westbound Gandy Blvd. was getting really backed up. She reported the problem to FDOT and Pinellas County, and they first confirmed that the light itself was not malfunctioning.

Holley drove through the intersection herself and observed that the light for Grand Avenue traffic to enter Gandy Blvd. seemed absurdly long considering the amount of traffic that actually needed the light for that purpose. She passed that along, and FDOT commissioned an on-site assessment.

They confirmed her suspicions saying "Pinellas County has adjusted the timing to move more traffic on Gandy during the pm rush."

The Road Warrior fixes your traffic light troubles.

If you notice a traffic signal that seems off, send our Road Warrior an email to or tweet her the location at @10NewsTraffic so that you won't have to be "Seeing Red."

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