Fixing traffic signals around Tampa Bay. Don't get stuck at a malfunctioning light!


10 News producer Atish Patel was Seeing Red at the intersection of Busch Blvd. and I-275 where he told me:

"For the past three-plus weeks, I have had to sit at the left turn light at the intersection of northbound I-275 off ramp/Busch Boulevard, for more than one turn before I am able to drive off. I have lived on Busch Boulevard for two years and I never had to wait for more than one light."

I reported this issue to Pete Brett with the Tampa Transportation Division, and he enlisted the help of Mike Scanlon, who found a database problem at the intersection. He made the fix and Pete sent me this response:

"Mr. Patel should see almost double the green time he has been getting."

Fixes like this are what this segment is all about. Send me the intersections where you are "Seeing Red" via Twitter at @10NewsTraffic or email them to me at

Fixing another traffic signal in Tampa - Busch Blvd. at I-275.

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