Road Warrior gets mixed up speed limit signs on US 301 fixed.


10 News viewer David emailed us about a rather complicated issue of mixed up speed limit signs. The area is US 301 between Sun City Center Boulevard and Big Bend Rd.

He said that "on Northbound US 301, the speed is 55 mph on the two lane portion of the highway. But, once you reach Balm Road and the 6 lane portion of the road, the speed drops to 50 mph until you get to Big Bend Road."

David was concerned, because the signs are reversed in the opposite direction, and it clearly doesn't make sense for the speed limit to be higher for two lanes than with six.

We contacted FDOT, the agency that maintains US 301, and received this response: "We will make corrections to the existing northbound and southbound 50 mph signs near Balm Road."

David contacted us again to let me know the signs have been fixed, and we checked it out to find that they have all been changed to 55 mph.

If you think you may have received a ticket as a result of those mixed up speed limits signs, email 10 News at

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