Tampa, Florida - It may sound hard to believe, but 10 News has learned a popular city-to-city bus company will soon be offering trips from Tampa to Orlando and Miami for just ONE DOLLAR! Sounds good, but there is catch...

Thirty-five million people have already gotten on board with Megabus. They've served Florida since 2011, and now, this bus will be be pulling into the Marion Transit Center in downtown Tampa.

"All our fares start at $1," says VP of Marketing Mike Alvich.

But fares do go up from there. "Five dollars, nine dollars, [and] so-forth up to the highest fare," Alvich explains "The key to booking the lowest fares: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays gets you the lowest."

Megabus says Tampa was a target for many reasons, including who lives here: families, business people, and others.

"You have a large university population there and students are often the first riders on Megabus.com," Alvich says.

One catch is that you can't book travel more than three months in advance and once you're dropped in Orlando, you're on your own. Overall, representatives say this deal is a steal.

"It will be equal to or less than another bus company, less than an airfare, equal or less than it would cost to drive."

And look, it can be: driving your car would roughly cost $12, a comparable search from a Greyhound Bus is $36, while group van travel door-to-door can cost you hundreds. And Amtrak isn't an option.

Alvich says, "It's clean, safe, new... fares are terrific. Spend your money on your destination instead of transportation."

For the first week, every ticket will be $1. After that there will be at least one seat that's $1 on every bus. But that could be it. It all depends on supply and demand. Tickets usually aren't higher than $50, generally speaking.

The spokesperson also says about 60 jobs have been added to Florida and they expect over 140,000 travelers to come into the Tampa terminal, hopefully boosting the economy.

They say they burn bio-diesel fuel and engines are designed to reduce the carbon footprint.

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