(Detroit Free Press) Metro Airport's McNamara Terminal was put on security lockdown late Thursday after a man slipped through a security checkpoint without being screened, according to an airport spokesman.

"A passenger, who was already on the secured side of the screened checkpoint, exited through the line and made the decision to turn back around and go through the secured side without being screened again," said Brian Lassaline.

Lassaline said the man was soon found and was being questioned late Thursday. He said the security breach occurred around 8:45 p.m.

"They've sweeped the terminal," he said. "They won't start re-screening until the investigation is complete."

However, scattered reports on Twitter indicated some security barricades were reopening around 10:25 p.m.

Earlier, a line of cars outside the terminal stretched the length of the terminal and three lanes deep. Baggage from flights from about 8:45 p.m. were still sitting on the baggage carousels. Police were seen standing inside closed doors in front of escalators, leading down to the baggage area.

James Geiger, a pediatric surgeon at CS Mott Children's Hospital, said his flight from Phoenix landed around 8:55 p.m. and he said everyone was placed under a lockdown shortly after that.

"They lowered the gates where no one could go into the terminal," Geiger said. "It looks like they're not letting any flights board or leave."

Geiger said he saw multiple TSA agents searching the perimeter.

"They looked like they were looking around or looking for someone," he said.

Mary Coleman had already been waiting for more than a half-hour for her nephew to get off his flight from New Orleans.

"He's texting me and saying the concourse is completely shut down in between the gates and the baggage area," Coleman said. "He said they aren't being told what's going on."

On Twitter, dozens of travelers shared their ordeal. Tweeted Michael Siegel: "Looks like TSA is working really hard to find the guy who breached security" -- along with a photo of TSA workers standing at a checkpoint.

Scott Warheit said he's sitting in a car outside of the airport waiting for his parents to exit the building.

"They are in a Delta terminal, caged in and unable to leave or get to baggage claim," Warheit said. "I'm parked outside baggage claim. There's lots of traffic."

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